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Entry #2

Just need to vent..

2013-02-25 21:01:13 by Wubasaurus

I'm not sure if anybody will read this, but I just need to get my thoughts out there. I have not been able to focus on making music, games, and art like I had planned when I created this new NG account because of this bullshit thing called school. What's more is, I became ill for a full week. However, I only missed one day of school, because my parents made me go. Trying to catch up with schoolwork, I start to fall behind. Soon my A's and B's drop to mainly B's and C's (With one A-). So I miss the bus today and have to wait at school until 6 for my father to pick me up. He then scolds me about my grades, like he always does when I'm not rocking a 3.6 GPA. So he makes a list of assignments I HAVE to make up by tonight, or he gets to bitch at me about each one I didn't do. Let's see, this wouldn't be so bad if one of them weren't a fucking art project. I'm in Advanced 2-Dimensional design. It's a "Social Issues" project. I refused to do this shit project because I know people don't give a shit what my opinion of world hunger, or racism is. I'm taking a course designed for Juniors and Seniors, despite being a Sophomore. My father is pissed at me for having a B. I'm NOT doing the art project, because I have no time. It's exam week, and I have to prioritize things. My parents think I can just pop out a masterpiece whenever they want, I hate it. Since I have spent the past 4 hours working on past weeks homework I missed, I haven't gotten to tonight's homework, pushing me further behind. My father also thinks I'm clinically depressed because I'm being overworked. He told me I needed a doctor for this. When I refused, he asked me if I wanted to be in control of this situation. I replied that I would be very much in control if he allowed me to do this my way. Also, along the car ride home, I just wanted to be alone with my thoughts and my music after a hard day at school. He then said something along the lines of, "God fucking damn it, it's my responsibility, and nobody will fucking talk to me about anything." I know that he is directly referring to my older sister, 24 years old, because she doesn't want her father babying her through her whole fucking life, and this dumbass can't comprehend that. He also refers to his wife, my step-mother. He always, and I mean ALWAYS, assumes that something is wrong with her. Constantly asking her what's wrong and if everything's okay. There is such thing as being TOO nice. Anyways, I'm not gonna get into all of this right now because I need to leave in 5 minutes because he's now forcing me to come up and hang out with him until 10 PM, a full hour. By then, I won't have any capacity to do my homework assigned for tonight, and I'll fall behind even more. This is just building upon itself, and he doesn't understand that his method isn't fucking working.. I know all these thoughts may not make any sense to you, I just needed to get them out there. I am not clinically depressed, I actually feel much better after expressing myself. Sorry, I would have talked to a few of my close friends about this, but they didn't respond in time, so I'm stuck with hoping that someone finds this and is able to relate.. For those who have endured my jumbled thoughts, I have created out of sheer rage, Thank-You for giving this a read. Sorry for having a negative post as my first actual post. I plan to have some songs or art up sometime soon. Also, me and my friends have come up with a rather genius plan for a video game, similar to Legend of Zelda, but not really. Thanks again!


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2013-02-25 21:17:46

if you need somone i understand bro i grew up with people like this and when your mum is like mine you learn
i mean if your mum beats your brains out with a bible then wants cuddles you learn

Wubasaurus responds:

By "Beats your brains out with a bible" Do you mean, forcing religion on you? If so, my mom is similar. Also, thanks for understanding.


2013-02-25 21:39:43

Tis' life yo


2013-02-26 00:34:38

Hey man, stick through it, I had a shitty enough childhood too but it gets a lot better, and a LOT easier.

Parents just put the pressure down because they wanna make sure you get all the best chances, I bummed through school and picked my act up half way through college. I used to give my folks shit for the way they treated me but now I see that they were just trying to give me a headstart in life.

Keep on pushing on man! :)

Wubasaurus responds:

Thanks for the support, really. (:


2013-02-26 02:27:11

I'm currently being sued for sexual harrassment from an aspie because of a rumor that I literally can't disprove.
GoDaddy fucked me over and I now owe them $200+.
My brother fooled around with the my Bamboo settings, so I'm out until I figure that shit out (which will be a long time.)
I'll more than likely fail this year because my English teacher doesn't believe me when I read, and half of my teachers give me unexcused absences for shits 'n giggles.

We haven't even scratched the surface.
You'll live.

Wubasaurus responds:

I don't mean to come across as complaining, thinking I've got it the worst, because I know I don't. I just needed a way to express my frustration.


2013-02-26 22:55:06

Everyone needs that every now and then, but try and focus on the positives a bit, eh? I was pretty down last night about some things, so my bad if I came across as an ass.

Wubasaurus responds:

No problem at all, my friend. Like you said, everyone needs to express themselves once in a while. I also try to focus on the positives, but it can be a bit difficult at times.